N UCH Alucia Glee’s Passion Love

N UCH Alucia Glee's Caught In The Act

N UCH Alucia Glee’s Zendaya

NUCH Strandvin’s Can’t Stop Loving You

ES UCH Alucia Glee's Epic Treasure

ES UCH Rannerdale Lord Charles

ES UCH NJV-13 Lundecock's Flighty Madam

CAC Winner Alucia Glee's Glow Up

CAC Winner Alucia Glee's Eladon Goldenhair

CAC Winner Alucia Glee's Explain This

CAC Winner Lundecock's Mad Max

CAC Winner Lundecock's Nickie

CAC Winner Alucia Glee’s Calendar Girl

CAC Winner Ketrin's Peppermint

CAC Winner Alucia Glee’s Kiss&MakeUp

CAC Winner Ormøytoppen’s Blaze Of Glory

CAC Winner Alucia Glee`s Fairy Dust

Res.CAC Winner Marsoline Marseille

RES.CAC Winner Alucia Glee's Arizona About Time

RES. CAC Winner Alucia Glee's Gossip All Over